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Movies and films that straitjackets DON'T appear.

I have received a LOT of movie recommendations. I try to get to see all of the. Some of them don't have the straitjacket scene that I was expecting, but still deserve a recommendation. I have moved them to this page.

My ratings

My straitjacket LESS movie ratings.
(no rating) Haven't seen it (recently) (no rating) Haven't seen it (recently)
restraint- no restraint /- Don't bother
restraint* minor restraint action /* Not very promising
restraint** passive restraint scene /** worth the time to watch
restraint*** some interesting restraint parts /*** Good movie
restraint**** Some force or struggle /**** I liked the movie
restraint***** Lots of significant restraint action /***** Very good. Rent it.

Director's names follow the title of the movie. Thanks Yossie, for hosting my page at
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