Magician's Straitjacket

This is a "typical" Magician's Straitjacket. It has a fake rivet where the strap is attached to the sleeve. It also is missing any loop to pass the arms through. This allows the strap to slide in and out of the sleeve. When the jacket is applied, the magician holds the ring in his/her hand. To "escape" he/she lets the ring loose so it goes to the end of the sleeve. This is enough slack that the arms can be pulled over the top of the magician's head. The rest of the "escape" is performed by loosening enough of the back buckles through the sleeve to pull the jacket over the head.
Note the ring under the canvas at the end of the right sleeve.

magic-sj5.jpg magic-sj3.jpg magic-sj1.jpg
Front, side, and back views.

Detail of the back straps.

Detail of the inside of the straitjacket where the crotch strap attaches.

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