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Pictures of strait-jackets in action can be hot. Watching somebody trying to fight their way out of one can be almost as hot for the person watching as it can make the person who's struggling inside it. In my old heavy leather Arms Down version, fighting your way out is seldom an option but you've got to know how to put it on efficiently.

The tough black leather has been sweated in and cursed in for a lot of years now and now looks nicely worn in, so I thought a few new pictures would look good and show a few of the many alternative options the design makes possible. Colin who knows strait-jackets from inside and out wanted a chance to experiment with different positions because in a rough-and-tumble situation when you're dealing with resistance opportunities are usually limited by your know-how and determination ... and the determination of the restrainee to put up a good struggle.

His willing `victim' was just happy to be in it so he didn't care how long the session took. With a double thickness tan hood (leather inside and out), his cammos and a great pair of World War Two motorcycle Dispatch Ride boots he was happy as a pig in the proverbial, being man-handled into different positions.

Pictures of black on black can make seeing details difficult so in the true traditions of John Strickland, who loves brown straps on black leather (or vice versa), we used a mix of straps. So, with a pair of boot-size leg-irons and hood with no eye or mouth holes our `model' wasn't in any position to argue even before the jacket went on. A simple temporary Chain Frame attached to two floor and two ceiling eye-bolts made a useful starting point.

Ready to start:
Cammos-02.JPG AD-Colin01.JPG
Three pairs of double trigger hoops attaching his collar, waist and leg-irons to the frame - he wasn't going anywhere even though his sleeve ends were only clipped together behind his back. We could have attached these out to the side of the frame or the horizontal chain at ceiling height but Colin was playing with the jacket not the man (at this point, anyway).

Arms crossed:
AD-Colin06.JPG AD-Colin10.JPG
Some people think arms crossed in front is the only way. With sleeves through side loops and a front strap added through front 'D' rings arms can't be slid up or down. A set of Pinion Straps added to each elbow before being linked across the back totally eliminated any arm movement. This jacket, being the original prototype for the Fetters Arms-down model, also happens to have various extra strap-keepers to stop straps sliding around on the arms. These are not standard in later models - but a very useful extra.

Arms down:
AD-Colin11.JPG AD-Colin15.JPG

What makes this particular jacket special is four sets of extra straps and 'D' rings to allow side-strapping which leaves the whole body accessible and vulnerable, as Colin was quick to demonstrate to his captive. Anchor `D' rings down the side of the jacket body keep arms tight by the sides.

Standing rigid:
AD-Colin17.JPG AD-Colin19.JPG
Colin had experienced sitting in my new Bondage Chair and learned how the split seat makes everything accessible from front or rear, but being firmly fixed to the floor it's metal ladder offers other possibilities. Backed against the ladder, the jacket arm straps were soon re-buckled around the rigid uprights including ankles. This position allowed Colin to sit on the seat and experiment with possible butt plug action, while round the front everything was still a package waiting to be opened up. Standing rigid:
AD-Colin20.JPG AD-Colin23.JPG
Another slow and enjoyable re-positioning and re-buckling resulted in crotch access while the controller is sitting comfortably, and rear remains available for whatever. Boots spread either side of the chair and strapped tight left the standee deliciously off balance but the chair was well anchored to the floor. Standing rigid:
After the event Colin wished he'd tried crossing the jacket arms around the ladder back while facing front or even crossed behind when standing backed up against the ladder, but he decided there would be opportunities to try this some other time.

Sitting comfortably:
AD-Colin30.JPG AD-Colin31.JPG
AD-Colin34.JPG AD-Colin35.JPG
Arms crossed in front (plus pinion straps) or straight down the sides of the chair or pulled and crossed behind the ladder, the possibilities seemed limitless. The two metal rods that slide out from under the chair to keep knees well apart certainly came as a surprise to the helpless, hapless and happy `victim'.

AD-Colin37.JPG AD-Colin40.JPG
It would not have been easy to force somebody into the kneeling position (although Colin thought it might be fun to try - and his Cattle Prod can be very persuasive). Kneeling and strapped with arms wrapped around the ladder or straight down the sides of the chair with sleeve ends almost to the floor, left extra straps available for ankles strapped to the seat extension rods and totally immobilised. Colin tested this immobility in several ways and nothing moved except the head and we decided that next time gum-shields inside the hood might cut the noise potential down a bit.

Floor and more:
AD-Colin46.JPG Cammos-04cu.JPG
When he first `persuaded' the jacket onto the ground and was wrapping single straps around the ankles and knees, I introduced Colin to the small cable ties that can cinch straps tightly inwards to separate limbs. Incidentally, this also works well when a strap circles chest plus elbows or wrists plus thighs. The plastic band cinches the strap making escape impossible (as long as a lockable strap is used or mitts worn).
Experiments in attaching the jacket to the floor chain of the frame or other anchor points needed an extra pair of hands... and this was more fun than taking pictures.

A lot of good photo opportunities were lost because the action hotted up. Additional position alternatives were tried as the boots and pants came off and other things went on.
"Next time" Colin said, he would like to do it all again against resistance - but what he really meant was he'd like to be the person in the jacket trying to stop somebody getting him into the different positions. That would a fun session to photograph... but I'd rather be the person fighting him from one uncomfortable strapped up and wrapped up situation to another.

I'm sure I could find a couple of willing helpers - and somebody to handle the camera because I'd be too busy.

Note: The straitjacket in the photos is an early prototype made years ago by Jim Stewart. He still tests it regularly. Various different designs are available mail-order from Fetters/Mr S. in America and Fetters Europe. The approximate price of standard all-leather 'Armsdown' is US$1300 or UK£850. I don't sell them. If interested, check with Fetters/Mr S. in San Francisco or Fetters Europe in London.

To discuss any 'non-standard' jacket design or if you have comments or questions you can contact Jim Stewart directly at

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