In Search of Straitjacket Material

I am ALWAYS in search of new material for my site. If it wasn't for reader contributions, my site wouldn't be nearly as interesting or thorough.

For example, I don't watch many movies. Most of the movies on the movie list have been contributed by readers. The same goes for the book list, the music video list and the TV program list. I am always looking for pictures I can use on the site. I plan on keeping the site "family friendly", so for pictures bulges are OK, but nothing sexually explicit.

Copyright infringement can be an issue. Fortunately there is the "fair use" clause. This nicely covers the review pages. There are some stills on the Internet that people have sent me that I haven't pet up because I have been unclear on the copyright status.

If it is your material, I am quite willing to give credit, have a copyright notice, and indicate that I am using the pictures or text with permission. I know that such a notice may not prevent someone from mis-appropriating the material.

If you manufacture or sell straitjackets and would like a page for your product on my site we can probably work something out. This is NOT a commercial site. I will do the page with your assistance. I will put in a link to your site if you want it. I won't put up pictures with "water-marks". I would like the page to show the details of the straitjacket. See the list of pictures I would like below.

If you have a straitjacket, especially one that is not already represented on the site, I would like to hear from you. If you have a quality digital camera that is even better! The straitjacket might be:

In any case, I would like to have it represented on my site. Again, I am quite willing to give credit, a link and a copyright notice for any text or pictures.

I also have interest in other restraints. I will leave the steel restraints to Yossie, Joseph W. Lauher, and others. I would certainly consider most medical restraints or restraints made of leather, nylon, velcro, or other materials. I will keep the site focused on straitjackets. I am not going to put up a lot of other restraints.

For pictures this is what I am looking for: