Unknown Straitjacket

The October (1995) issue of "Computer Design" had an advertisment on page 91 from "Sunrise, A view logic company". It included this straitjacket or camisole. (With a padded cell too.)

The jacket is pictured with a front view. The sleeve appears to 5 D-rings. It is off white. The D-rings are attached with a gray webbing. The top of the jacket is of a rough texture. The ends of the sleeves and the lower part of the jacket body are much smoother.

Do you know who manufactures the jacket? Has anyone played with a jacket like this? If so, where did you get it?

Someone has suggested that it is a modified judo outfit. I think that they might be right. But if you do have further info please contact me by Please e-mail at louis@sj.blacksteel.com. Thanks.

The whole jacket 642x543 152K
First zoom - color 672x549 241K Arm - BW 640x436 139K
BW 1120x916 -- 454K
Zoom of two rings on the sleeve 640x395 125K
Ring zoom - small details 700x526 225K