Leather Military Restraints

This is the first page I have on the site that is not straitjacket related. I am planning a few more restraint pages. Let me know if you like it.
This picture shows a set of leather restraints that the US military purchased originally. They are made by "Kings Point Mfg. Co.". The entire set I obtained included: The construction is very similar to the Humane Restraint Company, but no where near the quality.
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mvc-369x.t.jpg mvc-369x.jpg mvc-370x.t.jpg mvc-370x.jpg

mvc-365x.t.jpg mvc-365x.jpg mvc-362x.t.jpg mvc-362x.jpg

mvc-367x.t.jpg mvc-367x.jpg mvc-366x.t.jpg mvc-366x.jpg

mvc-363x.t.jpg mvc-363x.jpg

mvc-361x.t.jpg mvc-361x.jpg mvc-364x.t.jpg mvc-364x.jpg mvc-368x.t.jpg mvc-368x.jpg

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