Custom Posey Restraint Sheet

This restraint sheet is a custom version of their "Posey Restraint Net". Product number #8115.

The "current" version (Catalog dated 1996) has only 5 straps across the body, but does have an additional one from the center bottom to the foot of the bed. The restraint net in the pictures has 7 straps across the body.

From their catalog: "Ideal for total immobilization without patient discomfort or medication."

Some of the custom and not current features of this item include:

Back side pictures.
mvc-195x.t.jpg mvc-195x.jpg mvc-196x.t.jpg mvc-196x.jpg
mvc-204x.t.jpg mvc-204x.jpg mvc-205x.t.jpg mvc-205x.jpg
mvc-206x.t.jpg mvc-206x.jpg < mvc-207x.t.jpg mvc-207x.jpg
The crotch strap and the two thigh straps.
mvc-197x.t.jpg mvc-197x.jpg mvc-203x.t.jpg mvc-203x.jpg
Front side pictures.
mvc-198x.t.jpg mvc-198x.jpg mvc-208x.t.jpg mvc-208x.jpg
mvc-200x.t.jpg mvc-200x.jpg mvc-201x.t.jpg mvc-201x.jpg
mvc-211x.t.jpg mvc-211x.jpg mvc-212x.t.jpg mvc-212x.jpg
Detail of the Double-D Ring and the side strap. This is alludes to a MAJOR detail that is missing in these pictures. The restraint net need to be strapped down to a bed. It also works well on a standard military cot. The bed straps are long enough to reach the Double-D rings on the other side.
mvc-202x.t.jpg mvc-202x.jpg
mvc-214x.t.jpg mvc-214x.jpg mvc-217x.t.jpg mvc-217x.jpg
mvc-218x.t.jpg mvc-218x.jpg