Nylon Straitjacket Details

Detail shots of the OD nylon straitjacket that I made several years ago. The red strapping is 2 inches wide. The OD nylon material was used for some US duffel bags. It was NOT treated or coated.

Front of the jacket with the sides pulled out.
mvc-167x.t.jpg mvc-167x.jpg mvc-172x.t.jpg mvc-172x.jpg

Left back
mvc-168x.t.jpg mvc-168x.jpg
Right back.
mvc-169x.t.jpg mvc-169x.jpg
Crotch strap details
mvc-170x.t.jpg mvc-170x.jpg
Side loop detail. Note the extra female buckle. This can be used to connect the sleeve strap. This buckle can be under or over the side loop.
mvc-171x.t.jpg mvc-171x.jpg
Another back shot with the buckles connected. One over and the other under the side loop.
mvc-174x.t.jpg mvc-174x.jpg mvc-176x.t.jpg mvc-176x.jpg
The top-back strap. Some of the collar can be seen as well.
mvc-173x.t.jpg mvc-173x.jpg