Melrose Straitjacket

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This straitjacket is front closing.

The front closing design is probably more secure than the typical back closing design, but it would be MUCH harder to force someone into the jacket. This straitjacket has no crotch strap(s). The front is closed with three straps. There are side loops just in back of both side seams to keep the arms from being lifted over the head. These side loops are reinforced on the inside of the straitjacket.

Note: I can also put this jacket on the "entire" way by myself. Sleeves through the side loops and the buckles all tied. The process was very much like the page for the Posey straitjacket, but it required two loops to tighten the sleeve strap instead of just one.
mvc-177x.t.jpg mvc-177x.jpg

Instructions on how to tie the buckles. This is necessary. If this is NOT done the jacket is quite easy to get out of by working the sleeve buckle against a fixed object. With the front closing design, the front buckles make little difference. They can ALL be open and you still can't get out of the jacket.
mvc-178x.t.jpg mvc-178x.jpg
A note to the "attendant" to make sure the jacket is put on the correct way.
mvc-179x.t.jpg mvc-179x.jpg
Label attached to collar
mvc-181x.t.jpg mvc-181x.jpg
Sleeve ends
mvc-182x.t.jpg mvc-182x.jpg mvc-183x.t.jpg mvc-183x.jpg
Side loop and re-enforcement on the inside of the jacket.
mvc-184x.t.jpg mvc-184x.jpg mvc-185x.t.jpg mvc-185x.jpg
Pictures of the front, back, and side. The model has a flak jacket underneath the straitjacket. This makes the sleeves long enough for the arms and the chest large enough that the jacket looks like it fits. The model "should" have shorter arms and be fatter for this jacket!

The buckles are NOT tied as the diagram shows.
mvc-186x.t.jpg mvc-186x.jpg mvc-187x.t.jpg mvc-187x.jpg mvc-188x.t.jpg mvc-188x.jpg

Left and right detail side shots.
mvc-189x.t.jpg mvc-189x.jpg mvc-190x.t.jpg mvc-190x.jpg
Another front and back shot
mvc-191x.t.jpg mvc-191x.jpg mvc-192x.t.jpg mvc-192x.jpg
Collar details.
mvc-193x.t.jpg mvc-193x.jpg mvc-194x.t.jpg mvc-194x.jpg
mvc-180x.t.jpg mvc-180x.jpg