The "Long-Sleeves" Straitjacket

I purchased this unusual straitjacket through e-bay during the summer of 2000 for about $150. The previous owner apparently picked it up at a surplus auction by the PA state police. I am using the name "Long-Sleeves" because I first saw a picture of it on SJ Floats. That was the name used for it their because of the jacket's very long sleeves.
Close-up pictures of:
ls-008t.jpg ls-011t.jpg A front and back picture of the long-sleeves jacket.
Note that the front closure on this jacket makes it much easier to escape from. You can see the buckles as you try to loosen them.
ls-012t.jpg ls-013t.jpg ls-015t.jpg Three pictures showing the back of the jacket. Notice how the ends of the sleeves make it quite close to the loop at the back of the jacket.
ls-020t.jpg ls-021t.jpg ls-023t.jpg
ls-024t.jpg Close-up of neck
ls-018t.jpg ls-019t.jpg ls-022t.jpg These three shots show the buckle for the arm/sleeve strap. This straitjacket is not very secure buckled this way. It took me about four minutes to get out.
ls-001t.jpg This shot shows an alternate placement of the sleeve/arm strap/buckle and an alternate buckling arrangement. This would make escape MUCH more difficult.
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