Hot and sweaty - wool under a straitjacket.

This individual likes to have multiple layers of wool on under a straitjacket. My impression is the scratchier the better. I think Hot and Sweaty are a big Plus for this individual. The "sweater" is actually all knitted together, Hand mitts, the body, and the "hood" are all a single custom piece. The "hood" section is double-layer and has no openings for the mouth, nose, or the eyes.

The straitjacket is made of a light tan leather. It has two leather crotch straps, four straps for the back, two arm loops, and a strap for the neck.

The pictures were provided by Jim Stewart. and the "victim".

wool40.jpg The sweater.(wool40.jpg)

wool41.jpg The sweater being worn without a jacket.(wool41.jpg)

wool42.jpg Ass set to go out in COLD weather.(wool42.jpg)

wool000.jpg Thinking about ones lot in life.(wool000.jpg)

wool008.jpg Quietly relaxing at the bottom of the stairs. (wool008.jpg)

wool010.jpg Thinking about the next step needed to perform an escape. (wool010.jpg)

wool001.jpg Performing the escape. (wool011.jpg)

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