Jim Stewart's Modified Motorcycle Jacket

This page is a collection of images of a Motorcycle Jacket modified by Jim Stewart. It can be used as a front opening straitjacket.

Quotting Jim Stewart:

I've attached a couple of pictures of an ordinary motorcycle jacket I modified for serious bondage attachment. Every 'D' ring heavily reinforced with webbing straps sewn inside the jacket to make it virtually indestructible. Lot's off alternative possibilities.
The front zip locks shut and straps added at wrist, elbows, waist, chest, neck all lock.
The gloves are not attached.

mc-back4.jpg View of the back of the jacket. (mc-back4.jpg)

mc2-06.jpg Another view of the back of the jacket. (mc2-06.jpg)

mc-00.jpg Back View with arms strapprd and wrists connected to the belt. (mc-00.jpg)

mc-01.jpg Front strap beeing tightened. (mc-01.jpg)

mc-02.jpg Side View. A bit of a straitjacket position. (mc-02.jpg)

mc-03.jpg Back View. Arms begind the back. (mc-03.jpg)

mc2-21.jpg Arms across the back straitjacket position. (mc2-21.jpg)

mc2-19.jpg View of the back of the jacket in an arms-down straitjacket position. (mc2-19.jpg)

mc2-25a.jpg Front view of jacket being used to restrain "victim" to a steel grid. (mc2-25a.jpg)

mc2-27.jpg Front view of "victim" restrained using jacket to a steel grid. (mc2-27.jpg)

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