A Modified Posey Straitjacket

This "Nearly Headless Nick" doesn't look like he is going to escape for this modified Posey straitjacket.
The apparent modifications are: Because of it's length and close fit it is a more difficult jacket to escape from. The added length makes it more difficult to sit up if you are laying down. The jacket is also heavier than the standard Posey.
Everything above the green stripe is the head or the added collar.
The new crotch straps almost look "tucked in" on this back shot.
The under arm sleeve loops show nicely in this shot.
I think I can see part of the original Posey label on the left side of the original bottom strap. ModifiedPosey5.jpg
It doesn't look like he is going to get much typing done. Perhaps he is using mind control. Then again, his mind is looking quite transparent. His edges kind of look like an old "MS Windows"tm icon. Perhaps his fuzzing thinking and his current state of mine resulted from using software products from Redmond, WA. Perhaps Microsofttm is using mind control.

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