By William Nicholson, Author and Proprietor of the Philosophical Journal, &c.

EITHER by fair means or force, a complete ascendency should be gained over the patient. Anger and violent passions to be restrained by the strait waistcoat. To be kept in silence and darkness, and as much as possible in an erect posture. In the commencement bloodletting from a large orifice, almost ad deliquium animi ; if convenient, from the jugular vein or temporal artery. Daily a solution of gum ammoniacum in glauber salts, so as to keep the bowels pretty laxative. Head to be shaved and cloths moistened with the coldest water or pounded ice, gently wrung and applied constantly to the head, until there is a sense of cold and chilliness ; to be renewed as soon as they acquire any heat; and again to be employed when necessary. Or the affusion of water on the shaved head, from a considerable height, or whilst in the warm bath. Vomits are recommended of five to ten grains of tartar emetic, every three or four days, for two or three weeks. Opium and camphor have been employed in large doses, frequently with advantage. Digitalis has been found particularly serviceable : in gradually repeated doses until sickness induced, or the frequency of the pulse suffers considerable diminution : then left off; and again renewed when its effects on the constitution have been worn off. Gratiola in ten grains, thrice daily, has been recommended. Hard labour and long journeys have in some instances effected a cure. If pulse be full and strong, evacuants and diluents : if quick and weak; a more nourishing diet, chalybeates, and small doses of opium. In general a low and spare diet is necessary. Blistering not serviceable, except in the commencement. Affusion of warm water often soothing. The cold bath strongly recommended in the height of the paroxysm, except in impaired digestion, and debilitated vigour of circulation. Patient should be thrown in headlong, again and again, until calm or weak. Disease being removed, chalybeates, the oxyde or sulphate of zinc, and the sulphuric acid.